Welcome to my ranting and ravings about my favorite topic, meteorology. First of all, before you assume I’m talking about little rock things flying around in space, let’s clarify what meteorology is. Meteorology is basically the study of the Earth’s atmosphere (if you’re still lost, just think “weather babe”). Although, seriously, please refrain from calling me a “weather babe” – just don’t do it.

Just a little disclaimer, I am NOT a degree-holding meteorologist…. yet! My current ambition is earning a Bachelor of Science in Atmospheric Science/Meteorology, then eventually go for a Masters (maybe even Doctorate if I’m really up to submitting myself to academic torture). As for WHY I’m not fond of the “weather babe” title is because I like the behind-the-green-screen work. I favor models and radars over dressing up and smiling for television, which gives me the advantage of avoiding the “green-screen invisibility” mistakes of wearing green to work.


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